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Illogical origins of the universe

July 11, 2009

Logic usually starts with an assumption. Adding steps from there, we get to a conclusion.

Is the universe logical? It sure seems to be — things happen in linear chronological order, each event caused by a previous event, causing subsequent events. So if we start from the present, and go backwards through previous causal events, where do we get to? To infinite previous events,  going eternally back in time, or to the First Event, uncaused and coming out of nowhere, like a logical assumption?

Infinite previous events seems to break causality, because there is no beginning, no start. It doesn’t make logical sense — you can’t just keep going back forever in logic — you need to rest on an agreed-upon assumption in order to convince a rational person of your claim. A process that never begins breaks causality and is illogical.

Maybe a First Event makes logical sense, like an assumption that can’t be proven but is supposed for the sake of argument. The First Event is supposed for the sake of existence. But an assumption in logic can be challenged, and then you have to keep arguing, keep going back. An assumption isn’t really logical, it’s a truce to avoid endless argument — “Let’s just start somewhere that we both agree.” In actuality, all we know, all that is logical, is based on something else, as events are caused by previous events. So, a First Event isn’t really logical, and it breaks causality as we know it because it has no cause.

So what if the beginning loops around into the future? Infinite loops will break a computer program like circular logic ruins an argument. And there’s still no start, no cause, and therefore logical impossibility.

But there are no other choices, are there? Every possibility breaks logic and causality. That is, every possible origin of our universe is magical. You can’t escape it. Maybe you can deny it based on the semantics of “magic”, but you have to admit that our universe is at least illogical.


Why search for magic? (And, hello again!)

July 11, 2009

I am an atheist, and I don’t believe in things like unicorns, tooth fairies, angels, or even UFOs. So why do I have a blog about searching for magic?

Magic is to physical reality what a crowbar is to a cage. Magic is the ability to break physical laws, like a criminal is free to break civic laws.  If the law is unjust, isn’t it right to break them? If the physical world is full or suffering, isn’t it right to break it to fight suffering? Or at least to be free?

This is why the idea of magic intrigues me. It’s freedom from physical bondage. I don’t seriously think I’ll ever be able to have metaphysical powers like Gandalf or Superman, but maybe physical laws can be broken or at least bent with science or technology. I’m not looking for sorcery or wicca or voodoo that works, but hoping to push the boundaries of reality through rigorous exploration. I’m looking for a science fiction instead of a fantasy, I suppose. Like the warp drives in Star Trek, ripping Space in order to travel faster than light. Call it super-science, but it’s as good as Magic for me.

I think consciousness is on the edge of reality, so that’s a big part of this blog. I hope to write about some other subjects too, and to write better than I did in my old posts from years ago.

Welcome visitors!

January 29, 2007

Wherever you come from, thanks for dropping by. I’ve given the most attention to people who try to convince me that I’m wrong. One of my visitors, Lee, has been really hounding me and coming up with better and better objections to my ideas. His comments have really got me thinking, so I’ll be writing another post pretty soon. I think I have a way to answer all his questions.

I want to respond to Dan’s comment:

As I mentioned in my last comment on your brain post, most common science seems to work backwards. We create definitions and then look for a part of the body that suits our definition, instead of studying the body and then deciding what’s what. I think if we followed this logic instead of the backwards reductionist ideas, science would be very different.

Yes! Scientific theories are killing science. We always say “I think” until we’re really sure of something — then we say “I know.” So, “knowing” is what happens when we stop thinking. Scientific theories are what happen when we find out a few things, make up a story to explain them, and stop looking for answers.

The truth will set you free (but first it will scare the shit out of you)

September 9, 2006

For my first post, I want to explain why I’ve created this blog. I have an agenda. I believe strongly in a certain idea that just so happens to be very uplifting.

I believe that consciousness is metaphysical and eternal.

I don’t believe it just because it’s a happy thought. I believe it because it makes sense. It’s pretty simple, really: consciousness cannot be created by a bunch of lifeless, unconscious particles. Either consciousness is not created by the brain, or all particles are inherently alive and conscious. Either way, it’s a pretty relieving conclusion. Death isn’t the end and life isn’t pointless.

Consciousness has always been a fascination of mine. I was raised as a Christian, and I was a damn good kid. I was one of the nicest, kindest, most honest kids you’d ever meet. And I had shitty luck as a reward. My father died when I was seven, my older brother beat the shit out of me, my mother was abusive and negligent and dirt poor, and everything beyond that is so bad I’d rather not talk about it. Let’s just say that things were horribly, shockingly bad.

Eventually I realized that my religion was a lie. There was no way a loving God would let my life suck so much. God either didn’t exist, or he was an evil son of a bitch. I decided on the former, and the terrifying corollary hit me: there was no afterlife. No heaven. Life was a short and pointless exercise in torture.

I then sunk into an extreme depression. Not because of a chemical imbalance or psychological problem. I had a damn good reason: people I loved were going to die. Namely, me and everyone I knew. We would all die, our identities and thoughts and memories and loves, all gone. Everything was meaningless. I cried for days.

The worst part was, nobody I knew even thought about this stuff, much less worried about it. Isn’t death something people might want to address before deciding on how to spend their lives? You’d think. Are people just cowards, too terrified to face the truth? Or are we all terrified and saddened by death but too embarrassed to talk about it?

Well, I decided in the midst of my depression that, based on intuition, I had a purpose, and life had a purpose, and that there was something real inside of me. Not my brain or identity or ego. But something deeper. A magical, metaphysical, unquenchable fire. From then on, my quest has been to prove with logic or science what my intuition had told me: that the soul exists. Every day since then, I’ve been more convinced that my intuition was right.

This blog exists because I do not want anyone to go through the hell that I went through regarding death. Your soul is real, not some illusion created by your brain. And I can darn-near prove it.

This blog will explore all the evidence for the metaphysical consciousness and all things magical.