Why search for magic? (And, hello again!)

I am an atheist, and I don’t believe in things like unicorns, tooth fairies, angels, or even UFOs. So why do I have a blog about searching for magic?

Magic is to physical reality what a crowbar is to a cage. Magic is the ability to break physical laws, like a criminal is free to break civic laws.  If the law is unjust, isn’t it right to break them? If the physical world is full or suffering, isn’t it right to break it to fight suffering? Or at least to be free?

This is why the idea of magic intrigues me. It’s freedom from physical bondage. I don’t seriously think I’ll ever be able to have metaphysical powers like Gandalf or Superman, but maybe physical laws can be broken or at least bent with science or technology. I’m not looking for sorcery or wicca or voodoo that works, but hoping to push the boundaries of reality through rigorous exploration. I’m looking for a science fiction instead of a fantasy, I suppose. Like the warp drives in Star Trek, ripping Space in order to travel faster than light. Call it super-science, but it’s as good as Magic for me.

I think consciousness is on the edge of reality, so that’s a big part of this blog. I hope to write about some other subjects too, and to write better than I did in my old posts from years ago.


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