Welcome visitors!

Wherever you come from, thanks for dropping by. I’ve given the most attention to people who try to convince me that I’m wrong. One of my visitors, Lee, has been really hounding me and coming up with better and better objections to my ideas. His comments have really got me thinking, so I’ll be writing another post pretty soon. I think I have a way to answer all his questions.

I want to respond to Dan’s comment:

As I mentioned in my last comment on your brain post, most common science seems to work backwards. We create definitions and then look for a part of the body that suits our definition, instead of studying the body and then deciding what’s what. I think if we followed this logic instead of the backwards reductionist ideas, science would be very different.

Yes! Scientific theories are killing science. We always say “I think” until we’re really sure of something — then we say “I know.” So, “knowing” is what happens when we stop thinking. Scientific theories are what happen when we find out a few things, make up a story to explain them, and stop looking for answers.


One Response to “Welcome visitors!”

  1. Michael Says:

    I always found it rather funny that scientists use their consciousness for proving that consciousness doesn’t really exist… 😉

    But hey if they want to “live” in a dead universe, that’s their problem. You either feel it that we’re all part of a conscious universe, or you don’t.

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