The hypocrisy of physicalism

I think it’s funny that physical objects cannot detect, measure, or record consciousness, or any sort of emotion or feeling, but — according to physicalist — physical objects, like brains, can create consciousness, emotions, and feelings. That one fact right there pretty much destroys any credibility of physicalism.


2 Responses to “The hypocrisy of physicalism”

  1. HHhusa Says:

    ist not hypocricy ist ignoring.
    ist assumed that which is the problem

    the fallcy of Assuming the conclusion

    physical object detection of is physical operation sa any physical action it is a physical process.
    you cant add natural numbers and expect a fraction

  2. Steven Says:

    A quick note – just started reading, came from Ran Prieur’s place. You’re doing good work, keep it up. I can’t agree with you on everything and that makes it even more fun.

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