The truth will set you free (but first it will scare the shit out of you)

For my first post, I want to explain why I’ve created this blog. I have an agenda. I believe strongly in a certain idea that just so happens to be very uplifting.

I believe that consciousness is metaphysical and eternal.

I don’t believe it just because it’s a happy thought. I believe it because it makes sense. It’s pretty simple, really: consciousness cannot be created by a bunch of lifeless, unconscious particles. Either consciousness is not created by the brain, or all particles are inherently alive and conscious. Either way, it’s a pretty relieving conclusion. Death isn’t the end and life isn’t pointless.

Consciousness has always been a fascination of mine. I was raised as a Christian, and I was a damn good kid. I was one of the nicest, kindest, most honest kids you’d ever meet. And I had shitty luck as a reward. My father died when I was seven, my older brother beat the shit out of me, my mother was abusive and negligent and dirt poor, and everything beyond that is so bad I’d rather not talk about it. Let’s just say that things were horribly, shockingly bad.

Eventually I realized that my religion was a lie. There was no way a loving God would let my life suck so much. God either didn’t exist, or he was an evil son of a bitch. I decided on the former, and the terrifying corollary hit me: there was no afterlife. No heaven. Life was a short and pointless exercise in torture.

I then sunk into an extreme depression. Not because of a chemical imbalance or psychological problem. I had a damn good reason: people I loved were going to die. Namely, me and everyone I knew. We would all die, our identities and thoughts and memories and loves, all gone. Everything was meaningless. I cried for days.

The worst part was, nobody I knew even thought about this stuff, much less worried about it. Isn’t death something people might want to address before deciding on how to spend their lives? You’d think. Are people just cowards, too terrified to face the truth? Or are we all terrified and saddened by death but too embarrassed to talk about it?

Well, I decided in the midst of my depression that, based on intuition, I had a purpose, and life had a purpose, and that there was something real inside of me. Not my brain or identity or ego. But something deeper. A magical, metaphysical, unquenchable fire. From then on, my quest has been to prove with logic or science what my intuition had told me: that the soul exists. Every day since then, I’ve been more convinced that my intuition was right.

This blog exists because I do not want anyone to go through the hell that I went through regarding death. Your soul is real, not some illusion created by your brain. And I can darn-near prove it.

This blog will explore all the evidence for the metaphysical consciousness and all things magical.


8 Responses to “The truth will set you free (but first it will scare the shit out of you)”

  1. HHhusa Says:

    people like sad story same way as accints and invalids , they have to look at the acciident by ignore move away of invalids or didease or any disability fault damege est.

    as for consius problem.
    what is ment by brain ?
    what is ment by illusion ?

    the definition many use are such that logicaly brain cant make illusion of mind.
    illusion are mental. illusion mean there is a mind that is illuded.
    the mental ist the physical.
    brain are physical. physical can creat only physical.

    illusion are proof of mind. there is illusion there is mind.
    brain cant creat illusion.

    there is illuded mind and a brain that the mind was illuded about being illusion of.

    Q E D

  2. HHhusa Says:

    ignore the horrid mistyping

  3. Daniel Says:

    I’m trying to figure out what you mean, and I think you get it. I actually wrote something about the “mind is illusion” fallacy in another post.

  4. Deckard Cain Says:

    It’s good to share the same pain of no afterlife with you. you’re not alone

  5. victor Says:

    To say that I fervently believe in God but at the same time believe that death is the end and that there is no afterlife, is probably one of the worst contradictions you could think of. In philosophical terms, I am a freak. In layman’s term, I am full of crap. Maybe I am but I still do believe so. I really started out thinking the way everybody does because I was also raised as a Christian and a Catholic in particular. I believed in Christmas, the heavens and angels, hell and the devil and all the other things everyone held as truth. I realized that I was not that stupid and soon enough I figured out things for myself. I have concluded that the universe is just physical, nothing metaphysical or supernatural about it at all. And yet I believe in a God for my own consumption, a notion and a belief that I hold for myself and would never impose on anyone. From that I have also concluded that there is no consciousness or remembering in death and so therefore there is no afterlife that I can prove to exist. Everything therefore is striving for the wind, that in the context of eternity and the vastness of the universe, what we are and what we value as accomplishments are actually insignificant and pointless. We are but a speck of dust in the infinite mass of the universe. Our consciousness now that we live is all the time we will ever have. It is perhaps the reason why we hang on to our dear lives resolutely because deep inside we know that we will never get to repeat any of it. I would have gone insane thinking this way but in all the chaos, I have learned to accommodate the notion of God and it has given me solace. No matter how fast light travels, the darkness is always there first. The light can’t prevent the darkness. The light can only shine after the darkness. And the light has shown in my life. I still get confused at times. But realizing that death brings us all to nothingness has taught me humility. At the same time my personal belief in a God has brought me solace. And when my time is done on earth, I will finally rest and be at peace. Thank you for accommodating my comment.

  6. Gordon Says:

    RE: “If God exists, he is an evil son-of-a-bitch.”

    Well the most popular answer to this is that God gave us free will and we have the ability to use it as we wish. We can create all kinds of negativity and evil.

    If consciousness is eternal, then there must be a “long game” going on… how else is consciousness going to continue to find the experience of life meaningful? Consciousness wishes to stretch itself, to push the boundary, to know what it is to be good, and what it is to be evil, and then develop as a moral being with wisdom from these experiences.

    This reality is a complex field of many possibilities. By exercising our freedom, and experiencing the results of that, we develop and grow as moral beings.

  7. dhiggins23 Says:

    Thank you for this. I know the exact depression hell you have been through. As a child from time to time I would get very anxious realizing my mom would die some day. I recently realized after a series of funerals how the family is effected and I am still struggling with everything. Your posts are very helpful.

  8. Jeff Says:

    I understand and agree with you in this article! I’ve been researching and looking into this myself and it’s getting to a point that even science is starting to catch up this ancient truth or aspect and that’s shows me that science just turned into another religion or dogma and contradictory biases about consciousness! And even though science is now catching, it’s also logical when you think about it! Like if the brain is the perceiver and thinking thoughts and feelings, who’s listening and knowing what The experience is? It’s kinda profound when looking at it and that’s one of them. I don’t get why people are trying to shun out awareness and it’s kinda sad and ignorant and shows you the humans have a very big identification and attachment to their ego brain!

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